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Court Lane Parking Restrictions

What's happening?

Bucks County Council are proposing to install double yellow lines both sides on most of the length of Court Lane. From the corner by Dorney Lake, past the churchyard, the church and up to the junction with Village Road.

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The reason they state for this is occasional anti-social parking, relating to unofficial gatherings at Dorney Lake. This has stopped since the Lake has closed.

Parking for Dorney Lake should not affect the local community.

How it affects you?

it means that people visiting the churchyard to tend graves and memorials may not be able to park.

People visiting the church for baptisms may not be able to park.


Wedding cars and guests may not be able to park.


Funeral hearse and mourners may not be able to park.

Regular church goers that keep the church going, may not be able to park.

The effect on the church will be catastrophic and will probably lead to it's demise, after 800 years, if Bucks County Council are successful with their proposals to install double yellow lines.

What next?

Bucks County Council closed the informal consultation on their proposed parking restrictions on 6th June.


Update - 6th October 2021:

The Dorney Parking Review (including Court Lane) has been halted by Bucks CC. Dorney Parish Council will develop a more holistic plan for traffic in Dorney, which we will be engaged with to ensure Court Lane remains available for public parking and people using the Church and Churchyard.

Thank you to those that took the trouble to object.